Fawn boy

Jeanette aga port7

Concept art

Jeanette aga port1

Rendered in Substance Painter

Video from a school project - animations - Unreal Engine 4

Jeanette aga port3

Rendered in UE4

Jeanette aga port2

Rendered in UE4

Jeanette aga port4

Rendered in UE4

Jeanette aga port5

Rendered in UE4

Jeanette aga port6

Made with 3ds max

Fawn boy

Little fawn dude I made for a personal project. Didn't really continue finishing this one up, but here is the latest version. I modeled it with 3ds max, textured in Substance Painter and rigged and animated with Mixamo. Then I imported the character to Unreal Engine 4.

The video shows some animations done with Mixamo and developed with blueprints in UE4.

I'm not really happy with the topology, especially the face. I only did one face morph, and that was to close the mouth.